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This Electric Car Battery Has A Life Cycle Of Up To 1.6 Million Kilometers

A group of researchers from the Battery and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Center at Penn State University has developed a high capacity li-ion battery for electric cars . This battery can last up to 1.6 million kilometers.

This Electric Car Battery Has A Life Cycle Of Up To 1.6 Million Kilometers

Electric car batteries  generally require an exchange between safety and energy density. If the battery has a high energy and power density, it is possible that the battery can catch fire or explode under certain conditions.

However, materials that have energy density and low power tend to have poor performance. Therefore, the level of security is high.

So far there has been no materia; which fulfills both aspects: high energy / power, and high performance. For security reasons, of course the engineers choose performance over safety. However, researchers at the BEST Center took a different approach.

"We divide our strategy into two steps. First we want to build batteries with high stability using very stable materials," said Chao-Yang Wang, Professor of Mechanical and Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Materials, and William E. Diefenderfer, Chair of the Department of Engineering The machine, Penn State, was quoted from Eurekalert on Friday (03/06/2020). 

Step Two
The second step is to introduce instant heating. Previously Wang had developed a battery that could heat up on its own to overcome the problem of poor performance in cold climates.

This battery uses an electric current to heat up in seconds compared to, much faster than an external heater.

By heating the battery from room temperature to about 60 degrees Celsius, the battery gets an instant reactive boost due to the kinetics law that reactivity increases exponentially with temperature.

Used BMW
"With these two steps I can get high security when the battery is not used and also high power at that time," said Wang.

The battery, called the All Climate Battery, has been adopted by several car companies, including BMW, and was chosen to drive 10,000 thousand vehicles that will be used to transport people between places at the next Winter Olympics in Beijing. Because it is made using stable materials, this battery has a longer life cycle. 

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