Jumat, 06 Maret 2020

Corona Virus Outbreak, 2020 Hammersonic Festival Postponed Next Year

The organizers of the 2020 Hammersonic Festival finally determined their stance regarding the outbreak of the Corona virus in Indonesia. 

Corona Virus Outbreak, 2020 Hammersonic Festival Postponed Next Year

Responding to the arrival of the Corona virus in the country, the organizers finally postponed the 2020 Hammersonic Festival.

As is known, the 2020 Hammersonic Festival will actually be held on 27-28 March 2020. But the outbreak of the Corona virus made the Hammersonic Festival 2020 rescheduled.

The news of the resignation was announced on the official Instagram account of the Hammersonic Festival on Thursday (5/3/2020) afternoon.       

" Dear Hammerhead and our loved ones. Regarding the development of the current situation of the global Covid-19 outbreak and after coordinating with various parties, ranging from artists, governments, and all relevant agencies, we as the organizer of Hammersonic officially stated that the Hammersonic event was rescheduled to January 15-17, 2021 , " wrote the organizer.

" The rescheduling is a decision that we made with all relevant parties including all artists who are members of our line up ," he continued.

" Where we are considering looking at the situation of the plague we cannot confirm when it will end ," the organizers continued.

The Hammersonic Festival 2020 representing the performers who filled the event conveyed their apologies to all who had purchased tickets.

The Hammersonic Festival 2020 ensures that the number of performers next year will not decrease. Instead the Hammersonic Festival will embrace new performers to enliven the event.

3 New Headliners
" To further satisfy our beloved Hammerhead, in the implementation of the new schedule there will be an addition of 3 headliners and 2 co-headliners to be announced in the near future ," he concluded. 

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