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Become a Superstar in the Rock Band Game 4

Today, children are far more familiar with smartphone games when compared to traditional games. Some parents might worry about this, but the children's Android game on your EVERCOSS smartphone can be a positive thing.

Rock Band Game

In addition to entertaining children, smartphone games can also support the development of cognition. Want to know what Android video games are suitable for children? Let's look at the lists.

When you were little, you must have played as a superstar . Pretend to sing on stage while greeting your fans. Now, you don't need to pretend anymore, Loopers. Many rhythm - themed music games that will give you the experience of being a superstar! One of them is a game that wants to discuss this Loop, here.

After being absent for about 21 months, the Rock Band game is back with the newest series, Rock Band 4! In collaboration with Mad Catz, Harmonix as the developer of this game will design the latest instruments as well as distribute them. Harmonix is ​​known as a high-class developer who is able to present popular rhythm music genre games such as Guitar Hero.

Carrying Many Famous Musicians

As a game with the rhythm music genre , of course you will find many hits belonging to the world's top rock musicians . Starting from Foo Fighter, Fall Out Boy, Aerosmith, Arctic Monkeys, to Avenged Sevenfold. Reportedly, Rock Band 4 provides 2,168 songs that you can later play. Wow, that's a lot, right, Loopers? You might not stop playing.

One of the new musicians in Rock Band 4 is Babymetal, a Japanese heavy metal idol group . The group formed in 2010 was fronted by three AKB 48 personnel named Su-Metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal. Their names are well known to foreign countries, you know. They have even performed in several international rock festivals , one of which is the 2015 Leeds Festival held in England.

Not Present for PC

Harmonix seems to remain consistent in not presenting the Rock Band game series on PC devices. For Rock Band 4 , the plan Harmonix will only release it on the PlayStation 4 console and Xbox One. Based on the results of Loop's investigation, Daniel Sussman as Rock Band 4 leader from Harmonix stated that from the start, the Rock Band game had been released for PlayStation and Xbox. That is why they are not sure to give birth to new market potential for PC devices.

In addition, Sussman also admitted that he was concerned with security issues on the PC because Rock Band 4 was related to music licensing issues. Platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tend to be closed and feel more comfortable. Harmonix did not want piracy and their relationship with musicians to be affected, given that until now the piracy problem has not been resolved.

Can not wait to become a superstar, huh, Loopers ? Reportedly, Rock Band 4 will be officially released on October 6, 2015. While waiting, try to see the trailer below, let's!

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