Selasa, 25 Februari 2020

The Digital Age, Songwriting Must Consider Data?

Is it true that making songs now has to consider data?

The coming of the digital era seems to have changed the way we listen to music. We finally no longer buy music, but buy access to listen to it.

In the music player application , the songs that we listen to then become an algorithm that will lead to a particular song or playlist .

For passive music listeners who are not looking for what song they want to listen to, the streaming service application will provide song recommendations that have a tone similar to the one they listened to before.

To be able to get into the playlist and attract the attention of these passive listeners, as a result many musicians become scheming on their work.

The songs that circulated finally tend to have a tempo that is in line with the intro that is not too long so that it can entice the listener to listen to the song until the end.

Although of course not all musicians do the formula, but that way is feared to make music uniform.

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