Selasa, 25 Februari 2020

Pianista, a Classic Music Themed Game

 Who is not familiar with music-themed games such as the legendary game Guitar Hero or Rockband that comes with popular music. But most of the songs brought by the game have rock or pop-rock genre, which of course will still be in because the game relies on the same instruments as the game.

In addition to the two games, there is still DJ Hero intended for those who prefer electronic music. Now there is a music game Pianista created by game developer Superb Corp. This music-themed game is intended for those who love classical music.

Games intended for those who like classical music, will spoil those who like the genre, then this game is perfect for you because in it there are already several classic song titles ready to be played.

This is a mobile game that is basically like playing the piano in the Guitar Hero style, where your fingers must follow the note that drops from top to bottom. This game is planned to be released for the iOS platform in mid-December, unfortunately it is not yet known whether Superb Corp will also release an Android version of this game or not.

But until now it is still not known what price is priced for the game, or if it glides for free then there will be advertisements in it or purchases in the application. Like we have to wait a little more until the release of the remix is ​​released Digitalmania. (AN)

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