Selasa, 21 Januari 2020

Lee Jae Jin 'FT ISLAND' Goes To Today's Military - One by one, FT ISLAND members have started to undergo compulsory military service. After Lee Hong Ki, now Lee Jae Jin is following.

Previously, Lee Jae Jin had revealed his plans to undergo compulsory military service in December 2019. Lee Hong Ki had previously served in the military in September 2019.

Today, FNC Entertainment, as management, announced that Lee Jae Jin would attend training in Gangwon Province. Later, he will meet fans and say goodbye for the last time not far from where he was drafted.

"After completing five weeks of military training, Lee Jae Jin will be serving as an active soldier. We hope that fans will provide warm support to Lee Jae Jin so that he can come back more mature and in good health," management said.

Based on photos on social media, Lee Jae Jin appeared to be wearing a yellow jacket with a black accent in the middle when saying goodbye to fans. Not a few fans who gathered in the cold air to provide support to Lee Jae Jin.

Previously, Lee Jae Jin has extended his contract with FNC Entertainment. Likewise with the other FT Island members, Lee Hong Ki and Choi Min Hwan.

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